Flowers Bloom After Rain

Moving through life with a smile.

Ben Conlin
2 min readMar 30, 2022

It’s been raining all day.

I love the rain.

I live in a place where rain is uncommon, especially this time of year. Things are brown from mid September until late April, and sometimes May. It always snows. But today, it rained.

It was a special sort of evening precisely because I had nothing special to do. No homework, chores, or meetings. Other than some pleasure reading, I had an open night, so I took my time meandering to dinner. I was eating out tonight, sitting under an umbrella and listening to the rain.

My Chick-Fil-A nuggets were fantastic as I sat enjoying the reflection of light off the water on the pavement, the moisture in the air.

On my walk home, I noticed something special. It had barely stopped raining, and already flowers were blooming. Again, this is March in the midwest, where Winter doesn’t end until after Mother’s Day.

I counted four separate types of flowers on my walk home.

In life we often have rainy days, weeks, or months. That is just part of life. There are times when it can be hard to move forward, where everything seems to push us back. But all rain comes to an end, the hard times will pass.

The flowers will bloom again in your life if you only look around and notice them.



No plug on this one, cheers. ;)

I hope your rainclouds pass quickly.